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Combi1 is an innovative combination product of perforated release film, knitted infusion mesh, and peel ply designed for resin infusion applications. This product reduces lay-up time and complexity, as it is more conformable than cast grid meshes. It also strips easily and cleanly from the laminate surface due to its excellent release properties. Removal after cure can be done in two ways: either all three layers or just the release film and mesh, leaving the peel ply as temporary protection for the laminate surface.


  • Perforated release film combined with knitted infusion mesh and peel ply
  • Strips after in two ways either all three layers or just the release film and mesh leaving the peel ply as temporary protection for the laminate surface
  • Reduces layup time and complexity
  • More conformable than traditional cast grid meshes
  • Easily tailored to complex parts


Max Use Temperature

120° (248°)


Blue mesh, red release film and white with pin stripes peel ply


Polyethylene (PE) and Nylon (PA)


235g/m² | 6.93oz/yd²


No special storage conditions required but we recommend the product be stored in its original packaging.


Please refer to the product SDS for safe handling, personal protective equipment recommendations and disposal considerations.

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