Welcome to Aerovac

Welcome to Aerovac, a major manufacturer, developer and supplier of process materials, tooling and services used in prepreg processing, vacuum infusion, glass lamination, and other industrial applications. As part of Composites One, North America’s leading distributor of composites, we’re uniquely positioned to provide customers with next-gen product and supply chain innovations that are stored locally, priced competitively, delivered on-time, every time, and supported by more than 100 technical product experts worldwide.


Innovative. Dependable. Results.

That’s Aerovac. The better way of doing business.

Why Aerovac

Aerovac is the 2nd largest supplier of process materials world-wide with locations in the North America, France, Italy, the UK, and now South America, combining superior vacuum bagging and process materials with advanced supply chain solutions.     

The Aerovac brand of process materials, established in the 1970s, has always represented innovation in process materials, currently comprised of an extensive array of high-quality materials including; bagging films, breather fabrics, release films and fabrics, peel plies, sealant tapes, valves and hoses. Also available are tailored process materials kits and hard and soft tooling.

Aerovac offers global sourcing to deliver the right products at the right time and our experienced technical teams are always on hand to support you with your projects from start to finish. Now, as part of Composites One, the industry leader in composites materials supply and technical support, along with our global distribution partners, it’s easier than ever to purchase the products you need to ensure quality and efficiency in demanding manufacturing processes.

How We Do It

Act with Honesty and Integrity. The foundation of all strong relationships is trust. Acting with honesty and integrity with our customers, our suppliers and each other, we build and secure meaningful, trusting relationships.

Create Value for our Customers. Our customers rely on us to provide the right products, when and where they need them. We understand the value of doing  this every time. We enhance that value by providing information, knowledge and assistance to help our customers be successful.

Work as a Team and Respect Each Other. We accomplish our objectives by working as a team. We accept the responsibility to help each other work more effectively. We value each individual’s contribution and treat each other with respect, the way we want to be treated.

Commit to Quality Excellence, Continuous Improvement and Innovation.

To be successful, we constantly improve our processes and practices, focusing on quality and excellence. We accept the responsibility to innovate, looking for ways to become better at what we do. Continuous improvement is an everyday activity.

Commit to Safety, Health and Environmental Responsibility. By committing to operating safely and taking personal responsibility for our health, we can reduce risk and better serve our customers and families. Our commitment extends to the environment and how we conduct business to promote personal and organizational responsibility.

Drive Success and Appreciate Achievement. We strive to be successful as individuals and as an organization and we understand the commitment and determination necessary to be successful.  We celebrate and enjoy the results of the success we earn and the goals we achieve.

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