Wind Energy

Aerovac Composites One Wind Energy Market

Cost-Effective Performance for Large Structure Manufacturing

Aerovac is at the forefront of the Wind Energy market delivering the necessary process materials required to meet the increased demand for power generation. Our continuous product development delivers cost-effective performance for the manufacture of large structures.

  • Supply the majority of OEM and contracted blade and nacelle manufacturers
  • Full product line availability
  • Customized kits
  • Technical plant audits focused on finding cost reduction opportunities
  • Now includes local and logistics in North America
  • Dependable service
Wind Energy

Why Aerovac for Wind Energy?

Wind and other sustainable energy sources are rapidly becoming a larger part of the overall power supply. Aerovac has the products and technical support necessary to help manufacturers be successful. Vacuum Infusion is ideally suited for the manufacture of wind turbine blades and other innovative energy generating solutions like wave and tide technology. With increasing reliance on sustainable and renewable energy sources, worldwide governments and power generators are incorporating these processes to help the manufacturer make stronger, lighter, and longer lasting parts. Aerovac Process Materials provide solutions to wind and other power generation industries with unmatched technical assistance, kitting solutions and logistical support. Aerovac Composites One technical experts help guide wind engineers in product selection, design, and manufacturing.