Aerovac products and kits simplify and accelerate the production process and provide reliable performance for the molding of large marine structures

  • Full product line availability
  • Customized kits
  • Technical plant audits focused on finding cost reduction opportunities
  • Now includes local and logistics in North America
  • Dependable service

Why Aerovac

Boat manufacturing is a mainstay industry for composites production. For the past decade, vacuum infusion has gained popularity as the process of choice for marine manufacturers to build beautiful and innovative boats, ships and personal watercraft. We provide an extensive line of process materials including VMS3, VacPly, and wide format film products for infusion; VBUs, hoses, flash tapes for vacuum infusion, wet vacuum bagging and prepreg all backed by experienced technical support. Now, with the strength of Composites One behind them, Aerovac provides everything from vacuum bagging to tape to breather to peel ply – everything you need to ensure a successful vacuum infusion process.