Aerovac Process Materials

Composites production molding requires a range of process materials to make quality parts. These vacuum bagging and process materials are essential components of the manufacturing system. Aerovac process materials for composite manufacturing include bagging films, release films, breather fabrics, peel plies, release fabrics, and sealant tapes.

At Aerovac Composites One, we make it easy for customers to globally source, safely transport, locally store, and efficiently utilize high quality process materials so they can focus on engineering end-products, growing revenue, and delivering results to their bottom line.

Essential Products for Composite Manufacturing

Most Aerovac products fall into one of six categories. Please click on a category below for more information about our process materials.


Bagging films for closed molding, vacuum bagging and out-of-autoclave processes.
Bagging Films


Light to heavy nylon and polyester fabrics in standard and cut to shape formats.
Peel Ply


Release films designed specially for a variety of individual composite process applications.
Release Films


For manufacturing parts with closed molding, vacuum bagging, and out-of-autoclave processes.
Release Fabric


Non-woven breather fabrics tailored to meet your requirements.
Breather Fabric


Specially formulated tapes for a range of temperature cures to meet your requirements.
Sealant Tape

Additional Process Materials from Aerovac

Click here to see our other product categories which include:

• Tubing
• Spiral wrap
• Connectors
• Resin feed lines
• Vacuum lines
• Vacuum pumps
• Catch pots
• Clamps
• Leak detectors
• Gauges

Innovative. Dependable. Results.

At Aerovac Composites One we are focused on our customers. We are focused on vacuum bagging and consumable process materials. Most importantly, we are focused on results.

  • We are 100% FOCUSED ON MANUFACTURING AND DELIVERING HIGH QUALITY VACUUM BAGGING AND CONSUMABLE MATERIALS that are stored locally, consistently delivered on-time, competitively priced, and supported by a team of 100+ technical product experts located across the globe.

  • We are 100% COMMITTED TO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, and our dedicated team of pre-sale product selection experts and post-sale technical application experts consistently ranks as the most dependable process and customer service resources in the process materials industry – with additional backing from Composites One, the global leader in composite materials management.

  • We make SIGNIFICANT – AND ON-GOING – INVESTMENTS in new product development, process automation, improved cost controls, and next-generation supply chain solutions to drive lower MLQ, shorter lead times, and total delivery assurance.

  • We are fully dedicated to DELIVERING RESULTS THAT MAKE IT EASY for customers to achieve their manufacturing goals, and we ensure no customer should have to make trade-offs in their product quality, customer service, technical acumen, or supply chain logistics.

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