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Combination Products

Listed below are a few of our best selling combination products.


Perforated release film combined with knitted infusion mesh. Strips from the laminate surface with ease due to excellent release properties.


Microporous vacuum line for resin infusion processes.


Air permeable membrane and resin barrier for vacuum assisted resin infusion.

All the ancillary products needed for vacuum infusion and prepreg processing success

Of course, high quality bagging film and other process materials are not the only thing needed to be successful when using processes like vacuum infusion and prepreg processing. At Aerovac we have a complete selection of high quality ancillary products designed to make it easy for you to make composite parts for a wide variety of applications.

These products include:

Flow Media – Knitted and extruded diamond infusion mesh for simple and complex geometries.

Adhesive Tapes – These tapes hold things in place while the lay-up is put together and necessary for any infusion project.

Tapes & Sprays – Double-sided tapes and adhesive sprays for securing dry reinforcements and core materials during lay up.

Self Adhesive Tool Release – Semi-permanent, self-adhesive PTFE-based materials for better porosity and longer tool life.

Infusion Products – Specially designed to transport liquid resin from barrel into sealed system. Products range from low-cost disposable plastic inlet ports and T-piece connectors to flow meshes, breather membranes, reusable resin channels and advanced spray adhesives.

Aerofix 3 Adhesive Spray

A complimentary spray adhesive compatible with polyester,
vinylester and epoxy resins.

Vacuum Hoses & Ancillaries – Wide range of products meeting workshop, oven and autoclave vacuum requirements including vacuum hoses for different uses, vacuum breach units, plug and socket couplings, gauges and manifolds.

Rubber, Silicone and Fluoroelastomers – Excellent resin compatibility, high elongation and good tear strength characteristics ideal for resuable vaccum bags, B-surface cual plates, intesifiers and pressure pads.  Sold in individual sheets.  Also available are silicones and molded pieces for resin transfer molding, injection, liquid resin infusion and glass lamination.

Aerovac Ancillary Products are available through Composites One in North America or through Aerovac’s Distribution Network globally.