Tech Support

Providing industry-leading technical support for product usage, specification requirements, and process technologies

Not only does Aerovac offer an extensive vacuum bagging and process materials product line, but we also provide industry-leading Technical Support to educate manufacturers on product usage, specification requirements, and process technologies like vacuum infusion and advanced prepreg processing.

As part of Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance, the Aerovac Technical Support Team has the experience and expertise of a renowned composites material expert as their partner.

Manufacturers in Aerospace, Wind Energy, Transportation, and Industrial Markets like Marine will find the resources and education needed to help them successfully choose the right process materials and processes for their production needs. Equipped with extensive technical expertise and background, our Technical Support Team is ready to assist customers on proper techniques and best practices.

Through workshops, webinars, and other digital programs we offer hands-on opportunities, allowing fabricators to experience the quality, flexibility, and variety of Aerovac bagging films, breather fabric, peel ply, tapes, and other products. Aerovac Technical Support are experts in process efficiencies, offering both Kitting and Tooling expertise. In addition, our Technical Support Team will provide customers with onsite assistance if needed and conduct process audits designed to identify best practices and new opportunities. Our Technical Support Team is just another value-added benefit provided by Aerovac.

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