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VacFilm SV4000

VacFilm SV4000 is a high strength, high elongation mononylon autoclave vacuum bagging film ideal for a wide range of vacuum infusion applications. This high-temperature bagging film’s strength and elongation make it suitable for parts with complex geometry, and its construction makes it good for use with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resin systems with temperature ranges up to 414°F / 212°C. This high-temp film is ideally suited to Aerospace and autoclave applications.


  • Recommended for bagging applications where a higher softness is required.
  • Strong autoclave vacuum bagging film with high elongation for detailed and complex tooling/parts.
  • Suitable for cure temperatures up to 414°F (212°C).
  • Recommended for use with polyester, vinylester and epoxy resin systems.
  • An excellent film for autoclave use.

Max Use Temperature

212°C (414°F)



Tensile strength at break (ASTM D882)

Transverse direction / Machine direction : 95MPa 13778PSI

Elongation at break (ASTM D882)

Transverse direction / Machine direction: 550%


17.78m²/kg (50μm) – 9.62yd²/lb (0.001”) / 11.85m²/kg (75μm) – 6.41yd²/lb (0.002”)


Our autoclave vacuum bagging film is an important element of the autoclave molding process. This is commonly used in aerospace applications where the quality of the finished part must be exceptionally high. The part is placed in a specialized bag, which is then vacuum sealed to facilitate the curing process. Our nylon vacuum bagging film is ideally suited for this process, resulting in the highest possible quality from the finished component.

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VacFilm SV4000 is a hydrophilic material. Moisture and water act as plasticizers. The level of moisture content at time of use is therefore an important factor for successful performance. All nylon films absorb water. The higher the moisture content the more flexible they become. Conversely at lower moisture levels flexibility is limited.

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